Does your septic tank need a check?

Man picking up septic tank cover with yellow gloves on

This month we want to talk about something, a little……messy.  Yup, septic tanks and the TLC they need.

Auckland Council recently announced that all septic tanks will require regular inspections, making sure yours is in tip-top shape. 

You might’ve already heard about this and wondered to yourself, what does this mean for me? Well, being a property owner means keeping your on-site wastewater system spick and span. If your septic tank smells worse than a teenager’s gym socks, it’s time for a little love.

“But what if my Septic Tank is all good?” you ask. Well, the council still wants a yearly inspection, just to keep things official. 

Enter the Dynamic Plumbing Works team – your friendly neighbourhood septic tank man. 

Our team is extremely qualified in not only helping to keep you up to date with the septic tank inspections, but we can also help you if your septic tank needs a little TLC. We can help you clean and dispose of waste properly. 

Want more info? Contact our admin team to book your inspection – we’re all ears and ready to help with whatever you toss our way (well, almost everything).

You can also check out Auckland Council’s FAQ document for more info.