A backflow prevention device that can be installed by Dynamic Plumbing Works in Auckland

Keep backflow in check

Backflow is the reverse flow of water from your pipes into the water mains due to a difference in pressure. While this might not seem all that worrisome, imagine it happening in your toilet. This intermixing of potable water and wastewater can pose serious health risks, to family members in a home or employees in an office.

Auckland Council requires homes and businesses to test for backflow at least once a year, and that buildings have adequate backflow prevention mechanisms like prevention devices or air gaps. Dynamic Plumbing Works has independent qualified persons (IQPs) who can do backflow testing, as well as qualified plumbers who can install backflow prevention systems.

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    We have heard some truly horrific stories from some of our clients involving other tradespeople. At Dynamic Plumbing Works, we have hundreds of happy clients. You can view some of our reviews on No Cowboys.

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