Our top tips for your grease trap cleaning

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Grease traps are an essential part of any commercial kitchen’s plumbing system. An effectively functioning grease trap is vital. You need it to run efficiently, cleanly and without any huge problems.

To keep your grease trap effective it can require cleaning, maintenance, repairs or even replacement.

Here are our top tips to keep your grease trap in tip top shape.


  • Don’t leave cleaning or maintenance to the last minute

    Depending on how busy your restaurant is, your grease trap takes some heavy use. If you wait too long for a routine clean, it can become a disaster pretty quickly. This can impact your business and your bottom dollar. You don’t want to turn it into an emergency where you need to close down for some time.  
  • Adhere to a strict maintenance program

    Properly looking after your grease trap is essential, especially when it comes to council inspections.

    Regular cleans will also help you reduce odours, damage to your system or costly repairs.  
  • Don’t just get your neighbours, uncle’s son to help you, get the real deal

    Get someone you know can handle the maintenance, installation or repairs you might need now or in the future. Make sure that they have a track record for grease trap maintenance and take a look at their reviews to get a gauge of how their service is.

    Call the experts. They know what they’re doing.  
  • Don’t treat this as a DIY job

    There are many videos on YouTube to help you clean your grease trap. Sure, you can save a bit of money now, but if something goes wrong or if you aren’t doing it correctly, you might just be setting your future self up for failure.  
  • Know when to replace it

    There comes a time when your grease trap will not work as efficiently as it should. We know it can be costly to repair or replace your grease trap but see it as an investment in your business. 


We can help with all your grease trap needs here at Dynamic Plumbing Works. We have the equipment to clean any grease trap, no matter what the size or location. We can also repair or replace your grease trap. So, contact us if you need grease trap cleaning in Auckland.