Our Latest Service: IQP Backflow Testing

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Ask any plumber, and they will tell you that there are some plumbing problems we can’t see with the naked eye. And those are the ones that could potentially pose the most significant risk to your home or property.

This is especially true for something like backflow, where a pressure difference can cause the water to flow back into the water mains.

It doesn’t sound that terrible, right? Well, imagine if that happened in your toilet. No thanks.

Mixing potable water and wastewater can cause contamination and lead to health risks. It’s become a cause of concern for councils and building owners alike.

The Auckland Council now requires all backflow devices to be tested at least once a year and that buildings have installed adequate mechanisms like prevention devices or air gaps.

If you haven’t tested your commercial or residential property recently, we strongly recommend getting an independent qualified person (IQPs) to come to see if yours is up to scratch.

They will be able to perform the simple test and tell you whether you need any repairs or maintenance done to keep your backflow prevention device operating correctly. Having it done yearly will help give you peace of mind that your water stays clean and usable.

At Dynamic Plumbing Works, we’ve recently added this service to what we offer our clients. If you want more information about this service, call or drop us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.