How To Handle Flooding – A Practical Guide

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With the recent weather events around New Zealand, we’ve been seeing many attempts at curbing the flooding and thought we’d talk about the do’s and don’ts in our latest blog. Flooding can be a major headache for homeowners (not to mention devastating), and it’s important to know what to do if you ever find yourself dealing with water damage. As we’re based in Auckland, we’ve seen our fair share of flooding situations, and we’re here to provide some helpful tips on what to do when there’s flooding.

Prevention is key

The first step in dealing with flooding is to try and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Here are some tips to help you avoid a flood in your home:

● Maintain your plumbing system – Make sure you have your plumbing system inspected regularly to identify any potential issues. Leaks and blockages can lead to water damage if not addressed in a timely manner.

● Install flood prevention devices – Cesspits (correctly sized), channel drains and free flowing drains can help minimise flooding to your home. Make sure to have them installed and maintained by a professional.

● Keep gutters and downpipes clear – Regularly clear any debris from your gutters and downpipes to ensure proper drainage.


What to do if your property has flooded

Despite your best efforts, you may still experience flooding in your home. Here’s what you should do:

● Turn off the water – If you can identify the source of the flooding, turn off the water supply immediately to prevent further damage.

● Stay safe – Be careful when walking through flooded areas. Water can be electrically charged, and there may be hidden hazards under the water.

● Remove water – Use a wet vacuum or hire a professional to remove the water from your home as soon as possible. The longer the water sits, the more damage it can cause.

● Document the damage – Take pictures of any damage to your property and belongings. This will be useful when you file an insurance claim.

When to call the professionals

In some cases, you can handle the flooding on your own. However, there are certain situations where it’s best to call in the professionals. You should consider calling a plumbing company if:

● The flooding is caused by sewage backup – This can be dangerous and requires specialized equipment to handle.

● There is a lot of standing water – If the flooding has caused a significant amount of standing water, it’s best to have it removed by a professional.

● There is significant damage – If the flooding has caused damage to your home’s structure or electrical system, it’s best to have a professional assess the damage.

In conclusion, flooding can be a stressful and costly problem to deal with, but with the right knowledge, you can minimize the damage and prevent future floods.

Remember to take preventative measures, act quickly if your property floods, and call in the professionals if necessary. If you’re in the Auckland area and need help with flooding or any other plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to call us.