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Where do you operate?

As an Auckland based plumbing company, we serve clients anywhere within the greater Auckland, but predominantly Eastern, Southern and Central Suburbs.

What services do you offer?

Short answer, everything plumbing related. For more details, check out our services page.

Do you install hot water systems?

Yes, in fact this is one of our specialty areas. Whether it be electric or gas we can certainly install the system that best suits you.

What sort of renovations do you work on?

We have ample experience with kitchen, laundry and bathroom renovations. Find out more here.

Do you do gasfitting?

Certainly. It can be a tricky job, given the safety concerns, but we have the training and skill set required to have your gas system up and running in no time.

What if I am completely renovating my house? Can you help?

Not only do we offer comprehensive plumbing installations services, we can also take care of the project management aspect of your renovations.

What do you mean by project management?

Taking responsibility for the entire renovation process. This includes bringing in third party preferred experts to work on the construction side of things.

How do you unblock drains?

We have a purpose built hydro jetting unit suitable for unblocking any drain with ease.

How much trade/liquid waste can your suction truck remove?

Our vacuum loading suction truck has a holding capacity of 3000L.

Didn’t Find the Answer?

If your question isn’t covered by the list then get in touch, we would love to help you get to the bottom of something.

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